Colorado Eastern - G Scale
Sometime in mid-summer 2003, amid the house painting and landscaping and mowing and weeding and mulching, the topic of a perennial garden came up.

My wife wanted to plant a perennial garden around the perimeter of three large pine trees which surround the wellhead on our property, in order to add some color and variety to our large back yard.

Of course, being a train nut and a shrewd property negotiator, I agreed to build a perennial garden..... but only on the condition that there would be a G Scale train layout incorporated into the design.

Preliminary Planning
After much deliberation, I decided to recreate one of my favorite vacations right in my back yard. Our experience from a 2000 trip to the Durango & Silverton in Colorado would be brought back east to Michigan: hence the name of the railroad - the Colorado Eastern.

The layout will be a very simple one, designed to reflect a few choice scenes from our trip. Please use the links provided below to view the different phases of the layout as it progressed from concept to completion.

south side view
looking north from our deck at the future layout site (staked)

photo taken by yours truly from the grounds of our hotel
looking north from the Iron Horse Inn - Durango, Colorado

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