Lodi Junction II - Ann Arbor Revisited


The story of my small N scale layout begins with the recollection of Jimís article because my love for trains was sparked by the very scenes that Jim captured with his camera and words.

While Jim was trekking across Michigan in pursuit of the Annie (as the Ann Arbor is affectionately known by its fans), I spent many Saturday mornings watching the ferries in Elberta while traveling up north with my family.  Equally fascinating were visits to Ann Arbor and other places along the route. With each trip, scenes of the Annie were etched in my mind.

Unfortunately, many of the scenes and operations recorded in the 1973 RMC article were ultimately consigned to the history books. The railroad declared bankruptcy after defaulting on a loan to parent DT&I, resulting in significant organizational changes as the venerable operation struggled to survive in the mid-70s.

In 1976 the State of Michigan purchased the line to preserve rail service in the region.  The state leased the operation of the route to Conrail in 1976-77, and then the line was leased to Michigan Interstate for the next 5 years. 

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RS1 #20 takes the siding as a signal maintainer looks on

A view down US-12 toward my fictitious N Scale town

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