Lodi Junction II - Ann Arbor Revisited
N Scale layout article as featured in the August 2008
Railroad Model Craftsman, with bonus photos added

Just a few years before bankruptcy relegated the Ann Arbor Railroad to a sequence of takeovers and reorganization in the mid-1970s, Railroad Model Craftsman featured a great story about this classic Midwestern short line.  In the 1973 article, author Jim Boyd boarded the Ann Arbor Railroad’s car ferry Viking in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and journeyed across Lake Michigan to the Ann Arbor ’s port facilities in Elberta, Michigan.  He then followed the route all the way to the railroad’s terminal at Toledo, Ohio.

The story chronicled Jim’s experiences along the line as he observed and recorded the railroad’s operations.  From the loading and unloading of freight cars on and off the boats, to the daily trains that moved cargo across the system in coordination with the cross-lake service, Jim did a great job describing the Ann Arbor’s daily operations in the mid-1970s.

Best of all, the article featured a lot of good photos and detailed information about the railroad’s fleet of motive power and rolling stock.  It was a virtual snapshot in time, allowing modelers of both then and now to gain valuable insight on the railroad.
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