Lodi Junction
N Scale starter layout in 8 sq. ft! 

This is a simple starter layout taking up a mere 8 square feet, constructed with basic tools and inexpensive materials. The layout was completed in about 10 non-consecutive working days, or about 40 total hours.

Construction All the equipment and materials you need are at your local hardware or hobby store!
The base for the Lodi Junction is constructed from a simple piece of pre-cut plywood and a sheet of Styrofoam insulation purchased at a local hardware. The Styrofoam was attached to the plywood with liquid nails and used to form basic scenery contours.

Scenery  These are inexpensive tools that can be used to carve styrofoam into a model landscape. Be sure to have a vacuum handy for the Surform and good ventilation for the hot wire tool!
The foam was carved with a Stanley Surform tool and a Woodland Scenics hot wire foam cutter. Tan latex paint was applied directly to the Styrofoam and then ground foam, clump foliage and individual trees were attached with white glue.

Cork roadbed was used as the base for a combination of Atlas sectional and flex track. Custom Line turnouts with ground throws provide access to sidings and the interchange track.

Details  The layout plans contain a complete list of all items required to build this layout. We'll also provide a cost estimate and shopping tips!
A variety of people, signs and other goodies from the "spare parts" bin were added to provide visual interest. Telegraph wires, park benches, hydrants and a fake "winch" lowering a mine cart to the crusher building are just a few of the additional details on the Lodi Junction.

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The Lodi Junction's dependable SW-9 eases out of town

The hopper on the siding has just dumped a load of stone as two wood-frame boxcars wait on the interchange track.


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