Hogan Junction - Track Plan
As advertised, this is an 0-27 layout designed for the enjoyment of the resident 12 year-old. Hopefully we'll make it cool enough to divert some attention from the X-box...... but we'll see! 

The layout is designed to fit in a 3' x 12' space, featuring two 3' x 6' tabletops for portability and ease of construction. The joint at the 6' mark is set up to have three standard pieces of track meeting up, with minimal wiring complications. It will feature two spurs with load/unload accessories, a passing siding, engine house and caboose track, operating grade crossing flashers, semaphore and modest scenery effects. The layout will use lightweight foam mounted to wall brackets.

Materials required and purchased to-date include: fifteen 1"x 3"x 8' boards for framework, two 4x8 sheets of 2" foam insulation board for the table top, and three heavy-duty shelf brackets. Total for layout materials is approximately $80.

Links below the layout plan will take you to the layout story, so you can see how this was built in less than one week!

0-27 track plan for 3' x 12' space

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