Track Plans
The track plans listed here were designed for past site visitors, based on their specific room dimensions and operating criteria. These layouts can be viewed and printed from the site - just click on the links to the right and browse through the different plans at your convenience. Be advised that some drawings are simply scanned copies of original pencil sketches, while others may be computer-aided drafts. Unless specified otherwise, further details for these plans are NOT available. 

Layout Design Assistance
Do you have the space and desire to build a layout, but you are stuck on the track plan? I have developed a decent library of detailed plans through my "Leaders & Best Consulting" enterprise, and I may have a ready-made design that could prove to be perfect for you. Use the question/comments link at the bottom of the page to request info - however, please be advised that my custom design work is suspended until further notice. 

buffalo flats (HO 8.5 x 17)
cadillac crossin (N 1x6)
crooked creek (HO 4x8)
diagonal horizons (N 2x5)
marquette southern (HO 12x10)
midland route (N 3x5)
pontiac northern (HO-O 4x12)
rochester limited (N 4x4)
soo line beltway (N 2x4)

custom layout design
 temporarily suspended


2015 knf

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