Featured Layouts:  My N Scale designs
The Annie
The webmaster's dream layout: Ann Arbor RR in N Scale.
Lodi Junction
2' x 4' N Scale Pennsy Layout, small on space and budget, big on details.
Lodi Junction II - Ann Arbor Revisited, as featured in MRC
30" x 80" N Scale Ann Arbor Layout, small on space and budget, big on details.
N Scale on a Shelf
Around the basement on a shelf no more than 2' wide at any point!

Featured Layouts:  My all-scale designs
Cape Cod Northern
An O Scale Basement Empire featuring great operations.
Wabash Pacific
An O Scale layout with a center divider and interesting operations.
Hogan Junction
An O-27 layout with animation - built in one week.

The Colorado Eastern
A G Scale project in 3 months - built in my backyard.

More Layout Details
When you see a hammer valuable tips and techniques!on a layout page, just place your pointer over the hammer to get a tip or technique used in building the featured layout. Also, in the right column of each page you will find layout photos that may be linked to larger, more detailed images. Remember, depending on your connection it may take up to a minute to view larger images (20-90K files) and you will need to use your browser's "back" button to return to the layout page.

My first N Scale Lodi Junction layout

Ann Arbor revisited - as featured in RMC

My first shelf layout featuring the Pennsylvania Railroad


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