Pontiac Northern
This plan was developed for O Scale, but it could easily be converted to S or HO. The curves are as broad as possible given the space allowed, and the request mandated a large yard, city and bridges.  The engine service center might take a roundhouse in HO scale, but with O or S a two stall engine house may be the limit. In O scale you're looking at small steam engines and four axle diesels, and HO and S would probably also look better with smaller motive power. 

buffalo flats (HO 8.5 x 17)
cadillac crossin (N 1x6)
crooked creek (HO 4x8)
diagonal horizons (N 2x5)
marquette southern (HO 12x10)
midland route (N 3x5)
pontiac northern (HO-O 4x12)
rochester limited (N 4x4)
soo line beltway (N 2x4)


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